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1GTV our gospel channel took off and grew faster than all the rest so we decided to create its
own network.  One Gospel Television quickly became its own superstar.  We opened the
platform up for all churches to upload their choir’s music in sections or as a whole up to
15min.  So you see why it was amazing.  Then we added a church trader where congregations
could help each other by exchanging things like pews, church furniture, books and even ideas.

Global Multi Media just transitioned from digital news graphics to 3D and 2D digital animation.  
They just stared working on to spoof cartons for the android market.  Their main focus is to
bring animation to younger children from 18 months to 7 years old and educate them in the
sciences with new exciting characters.  Introducing the Cosmic Crew led by Shockwave a hero
that use acoustic science to fight physical elements.  Children learn cause and effect, physics,
math, and scientific vocabulary.

Paris Broadcasting Cable 7, PBC7 the first privately minority owned television station in the
State of Arkansas, PBC7 offers Pine Bluff and the surrounding areas television access and
service for their media advertising needs.  Our rates and packages are more affordable then
you might think.  With rates starting as low as $0.60, you truly control the broadcast.  At our
state of the art facility, we can shoot, edit, and air a commercial for your business.   Our
dedicated staff and personal service allow you to rest easy and know your advertising will
reach your target audience of 15,000 local viewers and PBC7 just announced it is launching
new stations in Las Vegas (NV), Tucson (AZ), Phoenix (AZ), Sacramento (CA), and all of
Orange County California. Now we will be reaching almost 1.2 Million people. Thank You Cox

Coyotexpress Rex Music Label
Record Label partnership with Ken Wiley the founder and CEO develops up and coming artist
and produces all music for 1CTV, PBC7, and Global Multi Media