CEO's Information
                                                                                 Anthony Bruce Gordon Paris. IV CEO/Executive Producer

Mr. Paris has been active in the television industry since he was 9 years old starting out as an actor on the show Country Kids filmed in Dallas,
Texas. This was a kid’s version of the popular show at the time entitled Hee-Haw.  At 9, he received his first video camera as a gift from his mother.  
He has never put it down since.

After graduating from the School of Broadcast and Video at New York University, he worked for Cablevision in Long Island, New York.  In the years to
follow he held titles of Associate Producer, Technical Director, Associate Director, Broadcast Engineer, Head Engineer, and Channel Manager.

In 2008 he relocated with his family and reached his dream of launching his own channel, Paris Broadcasting Cable 7,  the first privately minority
owned Community News and Entertainment Channel.

Since 2008 Mr. Paris has had much success in the broadcasting world and shifted The Paris Group in a new direction.  Seeing a need to help his
fellow countrymen Tony has created a new version of bio-diesel manufacturing for the average consumer and is in the process of launching two
state-of-the-art, PEF Energy and Agriculture Centers.  His research in this field has earned him a Honorary Ph.D.  in Bioengineering in using switch
grass, jatropha trees, hemp, and Algae as feedstock.  He currently has patents pending for a revolutionary vertical farming system capable of
producing yields all year round in all five land regions of the United States regardless of the climate outside.

As father of five children, a son, a brother, citizen of the United Sates of America, Brother of Ireland, and a human being I believe it is my duty and
responsibility to see that my family and the entire human race can move forward truthfully without fear that we can survive peacefully by sustaining our
energy and food needs without the need of war or economic division..  

Look at the live journal to fallow him step by step in this endeavor.
Mr. Paris is keeping a live account of his journey in seeing what we refer
to as the Tail of the Two Cities as he achieves his meetings,
challenges, and personal feelings in a live blog.  
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