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Anthony Bruce Gordon Paris IV, founder and CEO of 1CTV, PBC7, HempKitchen,, Algae Power, Hemp Polytech, and Paris
Waste  Energy Corp.  Is Hitting the twin cities hard and heavy.  Our construction starting later this year right outside Lawrence, KS, with our
new state of the art biomass power station powering up to 75,000 homes is moving forward.  Our vision for the future of this country in using
renewable resources is shifting in to high gear upon the latest decision coming from the white house.

The current administration has decided the oil pipeline from Canada to the US is not going to happen at this time.  What does this mean?  P.
E.F. has shifted phase 2 and 3 into full swing 22 months earlier than scheduled.   Mr. Paris and David Neimann of Nile Trading &
Development are in current talks with Excel Energy in Colorado and the Twin Cities, to install a new power station in Afton, MN.  This clean
Biomass Center will be open to the public for educational tours.  To show our thanks to the people of Afton we have included a dead clause
in our contract with the city.  To put it in plain English:

…….If at any point the people of Afton pass a majority vote to shut down the Biomass Energy and or Indoor Aquaponics Growth Center
operations due to any adverse effects to the local environment all operation will stop until the problem is solved within 90 days.   If the
problem cannot be solved PEF will cease operations permanently and continue to correct the issue until local and federal agencies are

The Energy Center in Afton, MN will produce enough power to reach a majority of the population in Afton, Woodbury, and Cottage Groove,
MN.  Our new patent pending indoor aquaponics system will produce 75000 lbs. of yellow perch, Crappie and organic farmed rabbit.  In
addition to the livestock PEF is integrating two 7500 sqf. indoor vertical farms heated and cooled with geo thermal power.  The twins, as we
like to call them around here, will produce fruits and vegetables free of pesticides 24 hours a day 365 days a year using state of the art
growing techniques adopted from a number of universities around the world.  Our food will be sold through local co-ops and outdoor
markets.  We elected not to sell our products through Whole Foods in order to keep the end cost down for our consumers.

The environmental impact of this new facility keeps the standers and practices with Federal and local EPA guidelines and surpasses their
limits by an addition 81.4%. At no point will waist water be introduced back into the environment because of our closed aqua/water loop
system further;  92% of our water is harvested from rain and snow.   Mr. Paris and the entire team of PEF is dedicated to this endeavor and
holds themselves directly accountable for any and all actions of PEF to the public or the environment.

Our doors will be open to the public 7 days a week 10am to 6pm for scheduled and unscheduled tours.  All food and beverage tasting are
available in our campus eatery 11pm to 2pm and 4pm to 6:30.  Please Log on to the PEF web site for scheduling, menu, and pricing (does
not include the free tasting on the tour).
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