The Paris Group is home to a number of corporations and entities run by a wide range
of professional individuals.  Our key to success is knowing there are no limits in our
full potential.  We are dedicated to ensuring our country has viable future renewable
fuels, agriculture, communication, medical technologies, and scientific research
ensuring a stronger independence of our needs and the needs of those seeking our
Mr. Paris has always been a part of some extraordinary meetings his life.  Just to mention a few he has met with Dr. Edward Teller,
J.B. Williams, Quincy Jones, Bill Cosby, David Neimann, Tom Alexios, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Leonard
Thatcher, Kay Baily Hutchinson, Ray Hutchinson, Ann Strouse, Andrew Jackson, and Jessie Jackson to name a few. It’s because of
these encounters Mr. Paris knows the limits of a man are the limits he puts on his self.  

The Paris Group has partnerships with companies all around the globe.  Currently we are doing business in Czech Republic, Ireland,
England, Canada, Southern Sudan, China, Denmark, Israel, Iran, Russia, Germany, and India.  Although our goals in seeking more
independence from foreign oil we are constantly integrating our advances in communication, agriculture, bio-fuels, medical
technology, and medical research for the peaceful advancement of all mankind.

Our Group is home to:

Global Multi Media
A digital animation company bringing animation to television, film, music videos, android markets, and iPhone applications

Cyber Image Broadcasting, 1CTV
The first online television station that housed nine channels with commercial insertion on the Internet.

Coyotexpress Rex Music Label
Record Label partnership with Ken Wiley the founder and CEO develops up and coming artist and produces all music for 1CTV,
PBC7, and Global Multi Media

Paris Broadcasting Cable 7, PBC7
The first minority privately owned television station in the state of Arkansas

Paris Energy Frontiers
A collaborative group of like-minded individuals bringing state-of-the-art technologies in agriculture, bio-fuels, communication,
medical technologies, and scientific research.

Minnesota Central for Tactical Research and Development
Based on the principles that man has no limitations,  Minnesota Central for Tactical Research and Development is currently
engineering two recreational hybrid airplane concepts, an automated battle field surgical medical device, and M.O.U.M.E.D., Maned
or Unmanned Medical Evacuation Drone.

Twin Cities Medical Response Network
Servicing the twin citeies scince 2008 the Twin Cities Medical Response Network sends licencedced medical personal to those that
require more convenance, assitance, discreation or education with thier medical and assement needs.

Hemp Kitchen
A complete online store with an array of food and beverage products made with hemp also known as the super food.

Hempchem Polymers
Manufactures hemp polymer based plastics.  These plastics are 8 times the strength of steel and 58.6% lighter.  Applications for this
product is endless.
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