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PBC7 Update on Algal Oil Production:

Paris Hairston & Associates, PHA is currently working with the Alliance in the City of Pine Bluff, Harbor Master, Entergy, Water
Works, and local businesses.

Tony Paris and Kenneth Wiley of PHA has met with key members of the community and the Alliance  to procure the best location for
the new Paris Industries Bio-Fuel Refinery and Natural Chemicals Plant. That location has now been found.

PHA has chosen the Port of Arkansas in the Harbor City of Pine Bluff. This location was chosen for several reasons but, a primary
reason was based on access. Pine bluff is has an industrial area unlike and other city in Southern Arkansas. With in 45 miles from
Little Rock, a public airport, two train depots, and a Harbor shipping station this was the best place for Paris Industries Bio-Fuel
Refinery and Natural Chemicals Plant.

Our number one reason for putting Paris Industries in The City of Pine Bluff was the peoples pride. The citizens of Pine Bluff have a
since of pride about their history and work ethic unlike any other. A pride displayed visually through out the city in beautifully painted
murals, beautification projects, and a new Lake Saracen Park and Water Pavilion. The city and county are working hard to bring
new industries to the city furthering it’s growth. PHA wants to be apart of this growing community. PHA will be giving a percentage
of its annual profits to the city by :

-Sponsoring Events

-Giving Scholarships

-Job Training

-Sponsoring more city beautification projects

-New Equipment for the Fire Department

-More youth programs with different area organizations

-City Wide Recycling Program

-Development of new public pools

PHA will be adding up to 425 new jobs to the work force. These jobs are salaried and hourly positions. The positions for full time
and part-time employees will offer:

-Excellent Starting Pay Grades

-Benefit Packages



-Profit Sharing

-Tuition Reimbursement

-Scholarships for UAPB and SEARK


Applications and more Information will in the Pine Bluff Commercial and at our press conference and Job Fair (to be announced).