About Our Business

1CTV was the first online television internet broadcasting company
featuring nine channels with commercial insertion.  It housed the
following channels with all original programing:

  • Pulse:  A music channel showing music videos top 40 mixed
    with music videos new artist made at home.

  • Imagination:   The exploration of children’s imaginations
    through education

  • Profile:  Biographies of past inventors, musicians, engineers,
    presidents, and other historical figures.

  • Foodtastic:  A cooking channel for the everyday cook

  • News Update:  Brought local and world news in a minute

  • Gospple Channel:  Aired Sunday sermons from different
    faiths with gospel music videos

  • SciEd: Educational science programing exploring the
    different jobs available in the U.S. scientific world

  • Community: Board aired announcements, postings, and on air
    privet items for sale in the neighborhood

  • Health Talk- Aired shows with various health topics from
    exercising to the importance of a multi-vitamin
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