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P.E.F Updates:

We are proud to announce the results of the scale tests from the new Eco-Energy Transformers.  The EET-1 put out more
electricity then expected in all four test.  The units are now undergoing final stages of testing before production later this year.
The St. Paul Fire Department has expressed interest in our technology to of set their energy cost.  P.E.F. will continue to push for
a stronger renewable energy source that is affordable for the consumer market.

PHA junior members will be attending the Pine Bluff Rotary Club meeting at the Pine Bluff Country Club. PHA is dedicated to
the community of Pine Bluff and our future industial leaders.

Junior member Erik Anderson, is a 14 year old  from Roseville, MN. He is here in Pine Bluff for the remainder of the summer to
learn about city government, politics, the energy industry , and Algal Bio-fuel Processing.

To date Mr. Anderson has met with key city officials, sat in on meetings, and is touring the new site for Paris Industries Bio-Fuel
Refinery and Natual Chemicals Plant.


Nile Trading & Development A Delaware Corporation (NTD) and Paris Broadcasting just partnered up for one of the largest land
deal in the last 50 years.  Our CEO Tony Paris and David Neimann  of Nile Trading & Development A Delaware Corporation are
working together to set up a working relationship for the reconstruction and development of Southern Sudan.

This 2.47 million acre lease is one of the single most important developments in this part of the world today.  NTD has been
working with the government of Southern Sudan and certain clan leaders to bring a number of developments to fruition. One
being that of bio-diesel production.

Tony Paris and Mr. Neimann met yesterday in a closed meeting for more then 6 hours collaborating over Mr. Paris's Algal
research and development.  After which an contractual alliance was made.  Mr. Paris will play a key roll in the development of
Algal and other superior plants indigenous to this region such as the Jatropha Tree to produce high quantities of bio-diesel
furthering the economic impact of this region.  This endeavor is similar to his American Delta Project in and around Pine Bluff,
Arkansas that will not only give relief to the transportation industries but it will reinforce the economic infrastructure by
creating good paying jobs.  


We are currently working with a new Bio-Diesel plant that is scheduled to be completed this month in Wisconsin. They are
setting up to produce 1000 gallons of fuel per 24 hour cycle. This new facility is giving relief to the local farmers and people of
the area and there by helping their local economy.

Our efforts are continuing to help the reconstruction of our dependence on imported fuels. Please keep your support going by
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